Our planned maintenance service contract will ensure your ventilation system is not left unchecked.

Maintaining your ventilation system ensures a good standard of air quality, as well as saving on repair bills and extending the life of the ventilation equipment.

Our Engineers can ensure that ventilation systems, including air ducts, fire dampers and fans, are well-maintained, clear from blockages, hygenically clean and work at optimal efficiency.

A Ventilation System which is dirty or ineffective can spread contaminated air, which can be harmful to the health of your staff, contractors and visitors. It has been proven that a good supply of fresh air improves productivity and mood in a working environment, so investing in a planned maintenance programme will ensure that the systems are checked on a regular basis keeping them in good working order at all times.

Planned Maintenance Servicing of Ventilation Systems

Optimum recommends that ventilation systems within offices, warehouses and public buildings are properly serviced, cleaned and maintained at least twice a year. We offer the following maintenance services:

  • Commercial ventilation maintenance.
  • Industrial ventilation maintenance.
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems.
  • Complete kitchen ventilation services, including gas-safety interlock systems.
  • Air circulation and extraction systems maintenance.
  • Advice on optimising filter selection.
  • Energy efficiency advice.

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