Commercial Heat Pumps

Optimum Heating have 10 output variants from, 16kW to 89kW (at -7°C 35°)

Within those 10 outputs we have 4 variants of each heat pump.

ASHP only
ASHP with integral pump
ASHP with integral buffer vessel
ASHP with DHW 3 way valve

The control of the heat pump is very versatile.

  • HMI included as standard with each outdoor unit
  • Can be mounted remote or internal to outdoor unit
  • Cascade control of up to 16 heat pumps
  • Modbus RTU connectivity included with each HMI
  • Primary circulation pump (optional)
  • DHW 3-port valve (optional)
  • Buffer tank sensor
  • Alternative heat source (on/off)
  • Calculation of energy data
  • Volt-free enable/disable
  • 0-10Vdc heating temperature setpoint
  • 4-20mA heating temperature setpoint
  • 0-10Vdc cooling temperature setpoint
  • 4-20mA cooling temperature setpoint
  • 230Vac fault signal output
  • Potential-free enable for alternative heat source

From 2024 we will have full integration with our 8313 controls which will allow us to control hybrids (gas boiler and ASHP).

We can cascade up to 16 units (2mW worth) in 4x banks of 4 ASHP.

We will also be able to supply marine coil for coastal areas with strainers and anti vibration mounts as optional accessories.

The unit has a night mode where the sound can be reduced to prevent noise pollution.

Refrigerant is R32 so has a low GWP.

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