The air is full of energy so outdoor air is supplied to the air source heat pump – installed either indoors or outdoors – via flexible hoses and a quiet fan. A heat exchanger extracts the latent energy from the air which is converted by the heat pump into useful heat for your home. Even at icy temperatures as low as –20°C, the air source heat pump still operates efficiently and economically.

  • Heat your home as well as your water
  • You don’t need a Gas Supply
  • Air Source Heat Pumps live outside, so unlike a gas or biomass boiler, they don't take up any room inside your home.
  • Easy to install – they don’t require as much space as Ground Source or Biomass systems and only take a few days to install.
  • Low maintenance – need little maintenance and have a life span of well over 20 years.
  • Because they run at lower temperatures they are a perfect heat source for underfloor heating systems and used properly, regulate the temperature of your house more efficiently.