The KWB brand means Biomass Generated Power and Heating and is the result of development by Dr. August Raggam and the committed organic farmer Erwin Stubenschrott who are recognised as leaders for renewable energy in the field of European Biomass. 

97% of our customers recommend KWB to others

According to recent customer surveys, KWB customers recommend the company KWB and its products to others 97% of the time.

Satisfied customers are the highest praise for a company – a priceless token of trust!

KWB now the leading brand in Germany are recognised as having the the most advanced technology within the industry, it is also worth noting that the famous car manufacturer Porche have now invested in KWB and are the majority shareholders.

We are so confident in our product that a 6 Year parts and labour Warranty is available on all KWB biomass systems.

KWB focuses on customers, reliability and importantly our responsibility for the environment and future generations.