The KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system with its clean efficiency technology is Europe's best-selling wood pellet heating system and is the cleanest wood pellet heating system in the world. The power consumption is much less than that of a standard television set.

Most importantly, it can cut your heating costs by half!!

The under-feed combustion system, invented by KWB, ensures a completely smooth combustion process and enables emissions within any regulated guidelines. Thanks to the efficient combustion, emptying the convenient movable ash container is easy, comfortable, and is only necessary only once every two years (depending on the size of the system).

Energy-saving drive motors for pellet and ash transport ensure low power consumption. A large rotary feeder with metering screw permits a safe and efficient pellet feed.

The fully integrated and volume-controlled return flow boost enables connection of the wood pellet heating system to any existing heat distribution system. Unlike conventional wood pellet heating systems, there is no need for an external return flow boost. This saves you additional installation costs.

Combined with the 6 year warranty this boiler is "Easy to use"