The existing hot water cylinders were in danger of creating serious flooding and the LPG boilers poor condition, We proposed replacement of your central plant room equipment. 

Remove existing boilers , cylinders, pumps ,heating and primary pipework in boiler house. Chemically flush system.

1)      Install 2- 500L stainless steel indirect cylinders complete with temperature controls. (These units may be upgraded at a later date with the addition of an unvented kit to handle high pressure mains or boosted water supplies).

2)      Install 2-Worcester Bosch 40CDI LPG boilers complete with new flues, distribution headers, controls and pumps for 2 heating circuits and 1 hot water circuit.( These 2 circuits shall supply the 2 existing circuits and in the future will supply new circuits. The boilers are large enough to do the entire court yard building which means that in the future the third separate boiler may be removed and system joined to the new plant.

3)      Magna clean filters shall be fitted to protect the new boilers from the old system.

4)      Install Electronic Filling Device and new expansion vessel to meet WRAS regulations.