Client: Bury Barton, Lapford, Devon
Project Scope: This Doomsday registered farm complex required renewable heating for two families with room for further expansion to replace an oil boiler, LPG boiler and Aga range. 
Solution: We calculated the total heat load for both existing families and future use and installed a KWB 60kw Multifire 1 boiler that can easily be converted between woodchip and pellet. Whether to use Pellet or Woodchip fuel was discussed with the client as this is a commercial installation. It was decided to proceed with Pellet for the following reasons:
a) The only available barn to site the boiler plant had small openings so if chip was to be used it would have to be blown in which is noisy and time consuming.
b) Both owners had busy careers so pellet offered a more consistent fuel quality with less opportunity for stoppages.
c) Clients were happy with RHI return on investment with pellet model.
The plant room was sited in a large vacant barn with internal heat mains supplying two separately rated properties
We also disconnected existing oil fired Aga and boilers and converted main house  central heating circuit into two zones, installed a 10 radiator circuit and upgraded all controls
Cost of Project: £54,250